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15 Feb 2012

The time has come! for clocks

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Today’s addiction to cell phones has proven that it’s no longer just a send and end gadget. With all this rushing around, but still needing to keep time, cell phones have become the object of necessity replacing the watch and clock.  The clock is now the electronic of the past.

As such, alarm clocks are obsolete.  It is no longer the trusty fixture on your night stand, nor are clocks strategically placed for those non-wrist-watch wearers around the home.  The clock in some garden applications has actually lost its hands.  The clock is becoming a thing of the past much like the roman numerals that once so elegantly decorated its face.

I lean to the practical end of the interior designer spectrum. Practicality doesn’t trump creativity, but merely suggests that I will put items in your home selectively to meet functionality.  This way, your home suits your needs and aesthetic.

The clock is a fairly traditional item in the home, yet I feel despite the growing epidemic of cell phone anonymous, I feel that the beauty and practicality of a clock is necessary and warranted in the right places on the walls.  Change is a gradual thing, so let’s embrace it but never forget the old, trusty, tride and true clock.


Here are some I have found lately, that are artful, sophisticated and demand a presence on your wall despite its de-motion in use.

Ballard Designs mirrored antique clock at 30” in diameter adds a little glam to any space needing reflection, with a clean and sleek transitional style.  $299


Home Decorators Collection remakes this 1940’s clock for a steal for $280.  Great retro clock with handsome metal hands.



This underground subway clock with the 24-hour number configurations adds a bit of nostalgia.  Couple it with vibrant art or black and white family photographs, and it’s an instant hit on any wall.  Design tip:  I tend to shy away from any manufacturers’ names that are large or called it in color on the face, but the 24-hour numbers surpassed this normally gauche detail.  20” round clock for $80 at Home Decorators Collection.


The most practical watch in the house used to be a pocket watch.  Why not hang an oversized one on the wall?  Napa Stylemakes this clock 27” in diameter with vintage distressing and the winder on top.  Yours for $259.

This hand-painted Parisian clock is my favorite.  I have a secret obsession with Wisteria.  This looks like it was picked up off the streets in Paris. At 27” around, this clock looks like it should be way more than $149.






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