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06 Jan 2012

Lulu Designs creates sets for OC photography studio, Brystan Studios.

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I love designing… I love creating a beautiful space and I love creating new different things that no one has seen, ever!

Lulu Designs designs homes, doctors offices, boutiques and now sets.  I have had the pleasure to help Brystan Studios with a mini facelift and now helping with up to 7 different sets within her studio.  About a year ago, I had the pleasure to meet Lori when she took my photos and was instantly attracted to her eye for detail and how comfortable she makes her subjects.

Designing sets within a 1000 square foot studio is challenging because of the need to make the sets limitless.  It’s exciting to create in my mind and visualize the space 20 different ways given one photo or frame of photography.

Brystan Studios specializes in Boudoir Photography which is a great present for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. She has plenty of sets to choose from and will be offering many more very soon.  Call her for your session.


Brystan Studios

27001 Moulton Parway

Aliso Viejo, Ca 92653

949 831-3774



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