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30 Nov 2011

A picture says a million words!

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The ability to draw is the single best asset a designer can hone.  As a designer, it is difficult to articulate your vision in any other way.  Most people need a visual aid so drawings become my most useful marketing tool.

These drawings can be a simple sketch of a chair’s style to a marker rendering that took hours to complete.  Either way, the client either instantly loves it, hates it or tweaks it to get it just right.

Here are a few different styles of drawings that LULU DESIGNS offers its clients in order to get approvals throughout the interior design process.

This shows a vacant architectural base plan or traditional floor plan.  Usually, drawn in AutoCAD, this drawing is the footprint of the home and is the starting point for all future planning.  This can be provided by an architect or licensed interior designer.



This is a section drawing of the inside of a gazebo. It is like taking a knife and cutting the side wall off.  This helps contractors to build a designer’s vision and clients to see what the elevation will look like once construction is complete.


This is a perspective, marker rendering, which is the closest thing to the finished interior design that you can get.  It is drawn to scale and as you can see from the before drawing and after picture above, the interior choices (dining room chair style) can ebb and flow throughout the process.  This can be a pen and ink like my drawing above, a color rendering as shown, or a computer-generated model, all of which should be provided from the hand of your designer.

Whether black and white or color, there is no greater tool than a drawing.  If you are hiring a designer, make sure that he/she can draw since that usually means she has been classically trained.  Plus, you can guarantee amazing drawings throughout the process to gawk at.  I can’t even tell you how many clients are floured by an actual drawing of a room in their home that is drawn on paper, specifically for them.

LULU DESIGNS offers every aspect of interior design from accessory shopping, to construction plans, to purchasing, procurement and final installation.   Don’t hesitate to call Lindsay for a complimentary consultation, 949 370-7759.



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