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24 Oct 2011

Six Principles of Design

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To some, interior design is an elusive, skilled trait that will never be conquered.  To others, it comes naturally.  For me, I have always had an eye for it.  But, ten years ago, when I set out with my goal to own my own design firm, I knew that I’d need more than just a great taste.

I wanted to know why certain things worked and how to get a room to look finished.  So, I got my second degree.  Along with a degree of invaluable knowledge, came a confidence in my design ability that was missing before.  I could answer a question about any design decision and be able to rationalize why and how it works.  A design professor told us, “If a client asks you why you want to use something that they might not necessarily like, you can’t just say, ‘Because it’s pretty.’”   I swore that I’d never, and as a result, I’m so willing to give answers when asked and explain why every decision isn’t made in a vacuum and actually does impact the entire design.

So this week, I want to share some interior design basics with you: the six principles of design.  Every designer will either consciously or subconsciously start with one or more of these six principles in the concepting phase of a design.

Each of the next blogs will be about these principles and how you can use them in your favor.  One of my clients recently wrote a testimonial for me and said, “Working with Lindsay is such an education… she actually tells you informative reasons why she is doing everything.  I now understand that good interior design just doesn’t happen.  Lindsay uses her design education to make tough choices and decisions to give you the best space possible.”  I was so touched and moved that she noticed, that I’m hoping to share what I know with you too.  Hopefully, with this knowledge, you can help make your space a little more designed.

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