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26 Aug 2011

Retail Bedding vs. Custom Bedding


“I want a bedroom that looks _____! “(you fill in the blank with how you want it to look.)  And, your husband just doesn’t want to have to move 20 pillows out of the way in order to lay down.

Lulu Designs is a believer in functional, practical living.  So, with both custom and retail bedding you can make both him and her happy.  The best way to start with getting bedding to suit your needs is to start with your budget.  I can make any bed look like a million bucks even if you only spent $350.  Then, start at the mattress and work your way up, not the opposite way.

This will ensure you get the basics no matter what your budget.  Don’t start with pillows; this is a common problem which will get you a few great pillows but sand paper sheets.

Do buy a mattress cover even if you think you don’t need one.  It is just hygenic and to me an extension of the mattress.  Every bedroom should have a mattress cover whether it is a guest room slept in once a year or your only bedroom in the house.

Do utilize overstock.com.  Why pay more when you don’t have to?  Save the money for the top of the bed.  Sheet count always to be greater than 350; color is white no matter what and always iron free.  You can bleach sheets over and over again and not be a slave to them.  The sheet set including the pillow cases should be the most comfortable part of your bed and at overstock.com you will spend no more than $90.  Tip: The more you wash them, the better they feel. 

You can always try the Hotel Collection or my favorite the linen hemstitch Hudson Park Collection at Bloomingdales and go when they have the White Sale or Home Summer Sale now until 8/28/11.

Do cover your sheets with a blanket.  I prefer two weights here where I live but you can also do it seasonally.  No matter the cost or the aesthetic, choose what feels good on your skin.  Tip: You can hide the blanket so you never see it if it is god awful to look at, but you love it.  Just stick it in between two flat sheets.    

Do get a colorful throw to casually toss over the foot of the bed.  Then, you can take a nap if need be without having to re-make your bed.  It just adds an extra layer of texture and coziness.

Here is the part where custom vs. retail branches off.  You can either do retail with a duvet or design custom bedding.

Do choose a duvet with a synthetic fill and keep it at the foot of your bed or, for the winter, pull it over the blanket and sheets for extra warmth.  You get two separate looks this way and your friends will think you got new bedding.

Synthetic fill is hyper-allergenic and you won’t fluff ever.  Tip: If and when you feel you need to fluff a synthetic fill duvet, then it’s just time for a new one.   

Do design a comforter, quilt or cap and do it your way.  I love a two-corner fit cap so all I have to do is throw it over even if my sheets are messy below and the foot of the bed corners are taut.  They also make 4-corner fits for day beds if you just want clean lines.  The solutions are endless and Lulu Designs can tailor fit custom bedding to meet your needs and lifestyle.  Each custom fit bedding is client-specific and can run from $300 and up.

Do custom bedding no matter what from this point forward for your pillows.  Your bed should be a sanctuary, a nest, an oasis,… whatever you want and good luck if you think you might find a pillow that is perfect, retail.  If you are simplistic with a bolster and four king size pillows or fussy with Euro Shams and throw pillows galore, here is the chance to choose fabric and trim that suits you.  Select fabric that you like to look at.  Be cognizant of who lives there though.  Don’t pick a tulle pillow if you take naps regularly.  Don’t pick silk if you have a dog who sleeps on the bed.  Have fun with it.

Do make a shopping list of items you need before you start buying.  This will reduce the excess of items you don’t need as well as help you from being swayed by something you have to have, but really don’t once you get home and see how it doesn’t work.

Lulu Design’s basic rule of thumb on pillow configurations for bed sizes:

King size bed should have 3 Euro shams, 4 king pillows and 1-3 throw or decorative pillows.

Queen and Full size bed should have 2 Euro shams, 4 standard shams and 1-3 throw pillows.

Twin size bed should have 1 Euro sham, 2 standard shams and 1 throw pillow.

Day bed should have 5 Euro shams across and 3 22” square pillows as throw pillows.

Lulu Designs believes that beds can look great no matter the budget or size.  You don’t have to break the bank but you should put some thought in it.  Please don’t be tempted to buy that bed-in-a-bag.  If this is you, just call me for a consultation.  First one is complimentary!







3 Responses to Retail Bedding vs. Custom Bedding
  1. Great tips! Thanks Lindsey! I have one question, for the king size bed when you say 4 king pillows…does that mean they all go behind the Euro or do 2 go behind and 2 go in front as decorative? I will be calling you soon for a Master Bedroom consult!

    • Hey Tanya, It depends on how much you want to spend and how many you want to move off the bed. Two in front or behind on each side works for me; you choose.
      It is another way to make the bed to have it look different and not always the same. Personally and from an aesthetic standpoint, I wouldn’t do four on each side and prefer a less is more approach so your fabric can take center stage. Thanks for asking for this specific topic and also thanks for commenting. Please keep the comments and questions coming!


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