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06 Jul 2011

Barstool steals the show.

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Barstools can instantly change the style of a kitchen.  Imagine if you swapped out the white leather barstools in this picture for any one of the barstools below.  Barstools are interchangeable in most kitchens if the bones of the space are done well.

I fell in love with this”Barfly” as soon as I saw it.  It’s also this week’s one-of-a-kind.  It is so well priced at $75 on sale that you’d never know it; retail regularly priced at $245.  It was on the pages of the quarterly magazine “Luxe” and has appeared in many notorious residences.  It is mod but functional and oh so comfortable.

Colorful retro bar stools make a statement with nailhead treatment and quilted top for extra cushion during that 2nd martini. These barstools aren’t taking themselves too seriously and aren’t only a commercial take in a residential kitchen, but could be the conversation piece to the entire room.

A hardworking industrial barstool adds a little nostalgia and spices up a traditional space with some roots.  Don’t push it in, this is too cute to pass by.

At my clients home in Rolling Hills Estates, I fell in love with this style of bar stool. Since they had fallen out of love with theirs, I was the first to salivate over them.  Just last week, found this pair at The Find in Newport Beach for $195 each.  With a brand new paint job and new tufted pleather, who can go wrong?  It makes me think of a barber or malt shop.   Besides the quirky look, the functionality of spinning the seat up or down will suit both counter and bar heights.


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